Friday, November 25, 2011

Midnight Madness

  While the Black Friday 40" TV at Target for $200 was tempting, it is not really my gig.  I also would have loved to get my nieces and nephews some fun toys at deep discounts but was deterred.  We drove by Toys R Us at about 7 pm and there was already a very long line of people wrapping around the building, people standing in the pouring rain, still with 5 hours to go.  Not my scene.

I decided to go to Black Friday at the Mall.  Not a surprise to most of you.  I had an awesome co-pilot come with me and we headed out about 30 minutes before the stores open.  We pre-planned the stores we wanted to hit.  Sephora, Gap, Express, Body Shop, Lush, H&M, Macy's, and the list goes on. 

In a last minute decision we opted to make our first stop Sephora.  We stood in line with about 100 other people, we were about 15 back.  I peeked in the doors and scoped out the item we wanted (that bare minerals set I listed on my first Black Friday post).  I told SB to head for the top left and when the doors opened, that is what we did.  We forced our way into the crowd, both grabbed two, and headed for the register.  By the time we walked out the table of goodies (see below) was entirely empty.  There were people everywhere.  Now that is some midnight madness.

Sephora before the doors opened. 

This was the table of the deals.  The bare minerals is back row, upper left.  In a matter of 3 minutes this table was totally decimated.

 My Sephora haul.  2 Bare Minerals sets, $10 ea.  One for me and one for my sister.

We headed over to the Gap to look at the $19 sweaters.  There was a VERY limited selection out and nowhere to be found was the striped sweater from my earlier post.  Sorry sister - I tried to get you one!  I walked out of the Gap empty handed.

Grabbed a great deal at the Body Shop - 3 Body Butters for $27.  I already have satsuma and mango at home.  Had to stock up on my other favorites.

My Express haul - sweater for $30.

Below is the sweater shown in the catalog.

Express was packed full of people, no one was paying attention to the line, people meandering around like it was the middle of a normal shopping day.  I grabbed this sweater without trying it on.  (I had to make haste!)  And while it is super cute to look at, after trying it on at home I am not totally sold on whether or not it is a keeper.  It is pretty bulky around areas of my body that definitely don't need any extra bulk.

 I was disappointed in Lush who promised 500 instant gifts - there was nothing of the sort and the store was dead.  Victoria's Secret was really muggy, smelled like feet, and filled with teenage girls standing around texting.  Bath and Body Works had a mile long line that went on for days, and I am not sure for what.  The 'specials' for the 2 for $20 candles and buy 3 signature items get 3 free have been going on all season.  There is no 'VIP' bag worth that kind of torture. 

All in all we had a great time.  There was some hilarious people watching.  I am pretty sure I got some cardio exercise ducking and weaving through the crowd and I even shared some of my coupons with unsuspecting fellow shoppers.  That makes for some good shopping karma!  We didn't make it to some of the stores on the list, but we made it out of the mall in less than an hour.  Plenty of time for me to get home, get this blog posted, and get to sleep so I can get packed tomorrow and head out on vacation. 

 Hope you all had a wonderful Thanksgiving and those of you good consumers that headed out to shop, I hope you came away with some major scores.

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