Thursday, December 8, 2011

Lush Grand Opening

The store was packed.

Table of freebies.

My free Golden Wonder bath bomb - I was given this because I was one of the 100 RSVP's to the grand opening party.

Moon & Sun Steamer tab - $2.95

This is a new product to me and I am super excited to try it.  You put the tab into a bowl of steaming h20 and hang a towel over the back of your head, creating a tent over the top of the steaming bowl.  This traps the steam and allows it to penetrate your pores and cleanse your skin.  This particular tab has lavender (one of my faves) and Neroloi oil for its antibacterial properties.  What a great little item to have on hand for a DYI spa night at home.  And! - Bonus... you save the water that the tab soaked in and can use it for a toner for up to a week after the steam. 

The Grand Opening itself was a bit of a cluster.  It was packed full of people standing around the cupcake table, filling their cheeks like hamsters.  It's funny the people that show up for these kinds of things - usually they appear to be the complete antithesis of that stores typical consumer.  For example today, 3 large elderly men in matching sweatpants and sweatshirts...eating cupcake after cupcake and complaining about the girly smell in the store.  Ugh. 
And because it was so packed full of trolls, there just was no room to really shop.  Ultimately I just got in and got out.  I did briefly speak with the manager and discussed my favorite Lush product, Dream Cream, in regards to having it in a smaller, more portable size.  She shared with me that a smaller Dream Cream is in the works!  Super excited for that.  I suppose I could just get an empty container and do it myself, but Lush packaging is just so darn cute!

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  1. I HAVE to try one of those steamer tabs. I love that you called out the trolls munching on the cupcakes. So typical of people looking for a deal.