Monday, January 30, 2012

Best of SAG

Jayma Mays (of Glee)

Ahna O'Reilly

Giuliana Rancic

Jane Krakowski

Kyra Sedgwick

Melissa McCarthy

Red and black seemed to be the theme of my favorites from last nights SAG awards.  The event oozed glamour and style. Giuliana Rancic was my 'best dressed' award for the night.  The detailing on her gown was unique, sparkly, and eye catching.

There were a lot of beautiful gowns on the red carpet.  My favorite part of watching these ladies in their gowns was seeing the array of shapes and sizes, all dressed to the nines.  I loved Melissa McCarthy in her black grecian dress, it suited her shape perfectly, and she was gorgeous.  Not even a glimmer of Marbles Harsgrove to be seen in her tonight. Proving you don't have to be a skeleton to be beautiful or glamorous on the red carpet.

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  1. I really love all of the red dresses!

  2. Love your picks! It's too funny that I'm watching the SAG Fashion Police right now as I'm reading your blog. Thanks for the Marbles reference...reminds me I need to hit up you tube and watch all of those hilarious videos again!

  3. My favorites among your picks are Ahna O'Reilly's and Kyra Sedgwick's looks! What do you think of red for prom?