Thursday, January 26, 2012


Here is a steal of a deal for a bag much like I have seen on multiple blogs for WAY more ca$h.  I also saw a larger one, very similar to this at Target this weekend for around $20.

Neon is all the rage...still.  I am glad it is coming alive for spring and passing as a trend from 2011 into 2012.  I have been rocking the neon since the 80's and have never stopped loving it.  I want to break out my sweet, sweet plastic charm necklace and striped spandex shorts to really show these neon-istas what it is all about!  But be warned, you have to be very careful how you use wear these colors.  Neon is right on that edge of trend where you can easily tip right into crazy if you don't wear it right. 

Last fall I pinned this picture of a yellow/green neon wedge and leopard pants that I was dying over.

Now my very own version of this combo is going to come alive. Because I purchased these pants...

...which I can wear with these wedges I snagged at a DSW sale about 6 months ago!

Steve Madden

This combo might be stepping over the line from cool into crazy town...but I am going to rock it!!

This outfit is really just the 'ganguro' girl coming out in me.  When I lived in Japan I loved seeing these girls on the street.  "too much" is just not a phrase I allow in my universe

Ganguro girls are all about neon, overdoing it, and not caring what anyone thinks!  There REALLY are girls dressed up like this all over the place in the cities of Japan.  Wouldn't this be an amazing Halloween costume idea!?

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