Monday, February 27, 2012

Ladies day out.


 Avocado with crab & Beets with pickled vegetables

 Cupcakes at Saint Cupcake

Toasted coconut & The Big Top (chocolate chip with buttercream) cupcakes

Sangha Room with foot baths
* stock image because I was too excited/relaxed to remember to take photos :)

Had a gorgeous Saturday with some wonderful lady friends.  We met for lunch, had dessert, and followed it up with several hours at the spa.  Here is the  long version of how it all went. :)

First we started with lunch at Andina, a popular peruvian restaurant.  I ordered sangria and the other girls got the ever popular and oh-so-delicious sacsayhuman (habanero pepper vodka shaken with pureed passion fruit and cane sugar,served up with a sugar rim and a cilantro leaf garnish).  Both drinks are SOOOOO good.  We ate a light lunch of tapas style plates and shared conversation with lots of laughs.  Mostly laughing at a guy who was visibly drunk trying to impress his date, over lunch, with his most recent Rosetta Stone lesson.  This guy was literally SCREAMING "GRACIAS, BONITA" and "DE NADA, NO POR FAVOR" - literally just screaming out spanish phrases completely out of context and to the total embarassment of his female companion.  Sometimes the public really does just bring out situations you have to just laugh at.  People are crazy!!

After lunch we headed over to Saint Cupcake for a pre-spa day treat.  They have the most delicious frosting and yummy cupcakes in large and small sizes.  I had the toasted coconut and the bigtop.  Both of which I could have eaten several of, debated about having more several times, forced ourselves to leave, and made sure to bring a few home for K who loves a good treat!

The center of the whole day was a spa day at the Dragontree spa.  All 3 of us got the spa package called the Element Infusion.  When we got there we were served the delicous herbal house tea, changed into robes and relaxed alongside a little waterfall on large fluffy couches.  We were then escorted into the Sangha Room, seated in elevated couches, and our necks were wrapped in hot packs.  Large copper bowls were wheeled under our feet, where we were scrubbed with salts on our feet and legs, and left to bathe our feet in a warm relaxing bath.  After this our heads were drizzled with warm oil and massaged.   Once we finished our Sangha room treatments, where we got to enjoy the spa treatments together, we all went away to private 90 minute massages.  After all of this pampering we were all very drowsy, kinda puffy, and ready for a nap.  

It was all in all a wonderful, calming, spirited day filled with lots of laughs and girl time.  It doesn't really get much better than this. 

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  1. I really could go for one of those coconut cupcakes right about now.

  2. I am so jealous! That sounds absolutely amazing. I can't wait to go there some day!! :)