Friday, March 16, 2012


 The pier

 My first Starbucks sighting!!

 Mi gusta tequila!

 Our swimming hole for the day.

 The resort we spent the day at.

 The bar nestled behind palm trees.

 Rustic Cozumel beach.

Playa Azul.

Our last port of call was Cozumel, Mexico.  I spent the morning shopping and negotiating with vendors on some souvenirs.  Bought some beautiful hand embroidered tops and bags.  A few handmade bracelets and hand painted pottery.  Once I was done stimulating the economy at the Cozumel port I went back on the boat and got my travelling partner.  We then headed back out to the taxi stand and I lined up a taxi to take us to a nearby, local beach named Playa Azul.  (My Spanglish was in full force this day!) 

Our friendly taxi driver took us to his 'friends' resort located on Playa Azul and it couldn't have been more perfect.  It was quiet with very few people in sight.  We had waiters standing by to deliver anything our hearts desire, use of the pool and facilities, and a beautiful little beach with sparkling blue water.  We spent the day swimming, drinking Mexican coca-cola which is SO much more delicious due to its use of REAL sugar content (vs the corn syrup we get in the states), and snoozing on padded beach loungers. 

We had the BEST day on our last day at port.  After leaving the beach we finished up at Carlos and Charlies where we had yard drinks and a HUGE platter of local taco fixings.  We were not excited to get back on the boat but we reluctantly got back on and headed back to Nola. 

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