Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Boutique Shopping

Coming May 6, Target is teaming up with 4 speciality shops, to run boutique-esque merchandise for 6 weeks, in "pop - up shops".  Target will be featuring items from Privet House (vintage shop from Connecticut), Cos Bar (body care from Aspen), The Candy Store (retro candy items from San Francisco), and Polka Dog Bakery (Boston).  I am super excited about the Privet House and Cos Bar.  Items that, those of us not local to these shops, don't get to experience on a day to day basis.  Prices are set to range from $1 to $159.99

Privet House - Embossed pitcher $24.99

Privet House - White washed baskets $34.99

Privet House - Wire tiered tray $29.99

Cos Bar - Blueberry white tea body products $6

The Candy Store - Nostalgic gift tub $9.99 featuring Candy Buttons, Pixy Stix, Razzles, Gum Necco Wafers, Bit-O-Honey, Candy Smarties, Tootsie Pops, Sugar Daddy’s, Red Hots, Goetze’s, & Caramel Creams

Guess you know where I will be May 6!


All photos and products - target.com

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