Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Major Score

I have mentioned before, but I am a pretty big deal at my mall.  A lot of people think I work there (due to how often I frequent it) and I get offered a lot of mall employee discounts.  Another major perk!?  The salesgirls in my fav stores like to bring stuff from the back to show me, give me coupons, and treat me like a VIP.   Recently on a trip to Bath and Bodyworks, the salesgirls brought out an array of the 'new candles'; fragrances which had yet to hit the shelves, threw me a coupon, and sold me a candle that was a week ahead of release.  The reason I was in that store was to use an amazing coupon to get a free lotion.  So for a solid $10 I got a tube of body cream and a 2 wick candle in an unreleased, delightful scent.  Like I said...PRETTY BIG DEAL :)  Just joking.

This weekend I had another VIP experience.  While drifting through Pottery Barn (after making an F21 return from an online order) I was approached by a salesgirl who offered me up an Ivory Queen Sheet set, in Organic 400 Count cotton (retail $189) for a whopping $29!!  Why!?  They had just pulled them off of a model bed and couldn't repackage them.  She knowing my sweet face from my weekly mall ventures knew I was a sucker for a good deal, and offered them right up to me.   There was also a major bath towel score on this trip, but I don't want to overload you with my awesome.    Major, major PB score.