Wednesday, November 30, 2011

I'm back!

The ever popular 'Eiffel Tower' - One of my faves.

Scene from the strip

Downtown - Fremont St.

Old Elvis giving life advice to young Elvis.  Imagine what that would be?

We survived our trip - me barely.  I came back with a raging head/chest cold and am under the weather.  I fought it off for the better part of the trip but alas I have succumb.  We arrived back home around 12 AM this morning.  I somehow managed to drag myself into the office, but it took a Venti Peppermint Mocha to get me there.  (Have I mentioned what cute stuff Starbucks has for the holidays? - I would imagine there will be a blog post coming for that soon.)  I attempted to blog from my trusty smart phone but blogger wouldn't let me post any photos or really do much, so I opted to just wait to get back and lay out some massive blog posts!

We stayed the first part of our trip at Caesars palace.  Cracked up plenty of times with the phone bank/pager friendly jokes.  They comped us a beautiful suite and it was a pretty great start to the trip.

Bedroom at Caesars.

The second half of the trip we were at the Encore, which is amazing.  Only our second time there and we just could have stayed there forever.  The linens and bedding are so soft and luxurious.  The staff is always polite and friendly.  It is just a beautiful location.  I will be posting an additional post about the Encore soon.

Living area in the Encore room.

We ate highly caloric meals with two stops at In-N-Out burger. 
 Had a delicious meal at Marilyn's Cafe - an off strip, local favorite.  Dinner started with heaps of yeasty rolls, followed by chicken that had been rubbed with tons of herbs and slow cooked.  K had been telling me we should go here forever, but based on the location I was apprehensive.  Lesson learned, don't always judge a restaurant by its exterior or location, and when in doubt, always double check your boyfriends recommendation on yelp.  Had amazing late night dessert at the Peppermill - another local hot spot.  I am pretty sure I brought at least 5lbs back with me from Vegas.  But at least it is winter and I can hide it under a bulky sweater!
  We love Vegas and will be back soon.

In-N-Out Burgers.  Animal style for me.

Marilyn's Cafe - I couldn't for the life of me get a good picture of this food.  It was simple, well prepared, and oh-so delicious.  Sometimes simplicity results in the tastiest food.  Oh...and I forgot to snap the photo prior to taking at least 3 caveman bites of the dinner.  Sorry :)

Strawberry Shortcake at the Peppermill

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