Friday, December 23, 2011


This week, as I pretend to work and kill time staring at my computer monitor, I can find nothing to occupy myself but daydreaming.  I cannot focus on my job, and have been so checked out these past few weeks. I find myself looking up excursion for my upcoming cruise, looking at places close by to take a weekend trip to, and really anything that can take my mind away from the reality of my desk job. I think I am trying to send myself a message... 'you need a break'. 

 Today I found my thoughts drifting to a spa day full of services and relaxation.  But with the Christmas season fully upon me, not time nor wallet will allow such a thing.  So, I settled for the next best home DIY Spa time.  I got my flannel pj's ready and set aside.  Sliced up a cucumber for my tired eyes, drew up a hot bath, and used a lavender foaming mineral bath (that smelled amazing!).  I lit a candle, turned off the lights, and put on Pandora Radio to the Spa Suite channel.  Using the Orgins charcoal mask, I slathered on a layer over my face, put my hair up, put the cucumber over my eyes, and sunk myself into the hot bath.  Total and complete bliss.  It is amazing what 15 minutes of pure relaxation can do.  I also heated up my bottle of lotion by putting it in the hot water, and once I got out, slathering on warm lotion felt amazing. 

Every time I have these little nights to myself, I think, why don't I do this more often!?  Everyone needs to have some time to drift and just be one with themselves.  I need to restock my DIY spa treats, and am going to be getting more of the mineral bath (shown above) at Whole Foods to have on hand.  Below is my list of wants for nights like these.

(I just ordered this...I couldn't resist)

Pure Fiji is used at Qua spa and the products are amazing.  The moisturizer is so emollient and they all have an amazing scent.  Love this stuff.

Everything in this set is delicious

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  1. This makes me excited for our spa day at Dragontree...someday!