Monday, January 2, 2012

It's a New Year

Happy New Year! 

Pinapple Orange Guava Juice + Champagne = Pogmosa

Fireball Shots

The Lucky Slot Machine

Happy New Year!!! 

On a last minute decision K decided to keep with tradition, and we headed to the Oregon coast to ring in the new year.  I love K's spontaneity.  He booked a lovely room by the beach and we left town to go celebrate.  I got a little too relaxed on pogmosas (I don't usually drink much, if at all) at the hotel that I didn't change into my NYE sparkly outfit and opted to head out in jeans.  We went to the casino to join the festivities, and festive it was.  I love the people watching (read: major 80's bangs + sequins jumpsuits + long cigarettes) and energy there.  I also love that both K and I hit some major jackpots on slots!!  We both walked away with quite a bit of extra cash to kick off 2012.  We toasted to the new year with some fireball and then stayed up until 3 am talking about the night, our goals for the new year, and enjoying each others company.  It was a lot of fun!


2012 has started out awesome, so I am hoping the rest of the year follows suit.  Here's to an amazing year full of adventure, love, pleasure, growth, and actually sticking to some goals!!  I hope 2012 will be the year that we can all cross some items off the ol' bucket list and figure out a few more to add on to it.  I have quite a few intentions for 2012, read them below, in no particular order.

2012 Resolutions

* Get organized - clear out the clutter and get my house (& life) organized

* Learn how to meditate

* Eat cleaner, healthier food

 Let Loose -- time to have a few more of those moments (like in my early 20's) where I just let myself go a little crazy and wild

* Go wine tasting

* Start saving more money, like an adult

* Take a girl's trip - like a major girl's trip somewhere tropical, filled with spa days, beach time, shopping, and tons of laughs

* Get involved more in the things I love and spend less emotional value on the things that are not rewarding in life (Read: Desk Job)

* Make a delicious homemade ragu

* Wear my high heels more

* Blog, Blog, and more Blog -- I want to grow as a blogger and make this blog into something awesome



  1. I love your resolutions! We can try to eat healthier together and maybe walk some at lunch?

    My NYE consisted of watching Hangover II and going to be at 10:30. Oh, the wild life of a new mom! :)

  2. I'm jealous of your winnings! Cute pic of you in your happy new year hat. :)