Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Going Coastal

Lincoln City, Oregon

Mo's famous clam chowder & home baked bread

Nautical Signs

We spent our New Years in Lincoln City, Oregon which is a quiet town on Highway 101.  The beaches in Oregon are grey, generally overcast, and flushed with waves from the cold, salty Pacific Ocean.  Our beaches are clean, quiet, and if you get up early enough to go for a walk you can find yourself some beautiful seashells, and solace.   

As in most sleepy ocean side towns, Lincoln City has some small diners, shops, and restaurants.  Mo's is a local favorite and they are known for their clam chowder.  We went there for lunch to help stave off our NYE fatigue and ate heaps of home baked bread with clam chowder.  So delicious!!  We sat in the brief rays of sunlight, sipped our coffee, and enjoyed our view of the bay.  I also found these quaint nautical signs in the restaurant lobby.  I wanted the 'bar' one but then realized I don't have a bar, nor anything that resembles one, and in an effort to not spend $ on things I don't need, didn't make the unwarranted purchase.

We also went to a local candy shop and picked up some chocolates and taffy.  No pictures of these because let's just say they didn't last long enough for me to get my camera out.  Let this stand as my formal apology to anyone who was hoping to get some treats from the beach...they didn't make it back.  Whoops!!


  1. Oh, I might have to convince Matt to drive to the beach this weekend for a Mo's cannonball! And to pick up one of those toilet signs for our bathroom.

  2. the oregon coast is always a fun trip!