Monday, January 23, 2012

A necessary evil...

Old Navy - $29.94

Teal or Red?

I totally loathe this.  I HATE shopping for bathing suits.  Sadly for me, I have worn my favorite Calvin Klein tankini far beyond it's better years and now I am left to do the despicable chore of shopping for a new swimsuit.  I need a new suit before we set sail for our cruise in March.   I am hoping to find one soon so I can have something cute to wear to the pool and beach.  Hopefully something that doesn't make me look beached on a lounge chair. 

I am turning to online shopping because in the dead of winter, with the exception of Target, no one has bathing suits out in Portland, Oregon.  I refuse to wear a bikini, for more reasons than I can name here, thus I am searching for a tankini or a one piece.  I found some suitable looking candidates.  Mid-section coverage and large rump coverage a must.  What do you guys think??  I need help!!!

Or...there is always these....?


  1. I love the yellow Old Navy one.

    1. How did I know that you would love that one!? ;)

  2. Marshall's will have jantzen out in February...the rushed skirted retrofit they had last year was 29.99 instead of 168! Good thing jantzen is local :) amazing tummy control, sexy without being overly revealing...if it looks good on me, it will look great on you!

  3. that first yellow & white suit is adorable! I need it :)