Monday, January 23, 2012

My precious...

I have always loved the look of a bevy of rings clustered onto the hand of a fashionable female.  (Read: I have yet to see a man with several rings on pull off this look)  For those of you who were lucky enough to know me in high school, you will remember that I wore a ring on literally almost every finger, almost every day of sophomore and junior year.  There is most definitely a right way and a wrong way to wear this many rings.  I think the images above are most certainly the right way.  I need to play around with my collection a little more (see below) to come up with the perfect combo but I am going to be rocking the rings in 2012.  It is just the right mix of gypsy and overdoing something that is perfectly suited for my tastes.

part of my collection of costume jewelry rings
I assure you it is not a problem.... it is BEYOND a problem now :)

* That HUGE butterfly ring is still on the sales card for a reason - I only wear it while I am watching Jerseylicious.  Don't judge.


  1. Obsessed with the jewelry you posted! I want it all! Xo.

  2. I do too!! The last photo, those chunky rings are all over ebay for around $8...I snagged a turquoise one :)

  3. We all had that phase, didn't we? I was just thinking about all of the bs fashion rules we had in school. I wore navy and black today and rocked it ;)