Wednesday, January 11, 2012

No Pictures Please.

The originally scheduled programming will not be coming out today.  Blogger is down and won't let me upload any photos.  And without photos, what is left?  Just my nonsense.

I came home to my F21 and Bauble Bar boxes tonight!  I was super stoked - 2 shipments in one night is as exciting as it gets around here.  But...I am super bummed to tell you, I am not that happy with the purchases.  The navy and white striped poncho from F21 is super cute...just not on ME.  Cute on the model, but on my body it appears to be a tent with a large bag of pudding in it.  The pyramid bracelet is very cute in the turquoise color I posted to the blog, but the orange one turned out to be the color of a traffic flaggers jacket.  Flagger chic.  The cameo necklace is TINY and the other items not featured on the blog were less than thrilling.  I totally bombed.  Back to Forever I go.

As for the Bauble Bar earrings - they are EXACTLY as pictured, and very very sturdy.  Great purchase there.

Still waiting on my Alice in Wonderland eye chart, leopard scarf, and January Birch Box to arrive in the mail.

Hopefully Blogger locks it up and I can be back to posting new and exciting things tomorrow.

Have a great Wednesday!


  1. I have noticed when I shop at Forever 21 that the pictures on the website make the items look so much nicer than they are. Yes, you can get super cute accessories and clothing, but sometimes you simply have to wade through piles of you know what. There are gems in there, thought!

    I'm impatiently waiting for my January Birchbox as well!

  2. You are totally right Laura! I do this about once a year - I have total shopping amnesia and order from F21, then am quickly reminded why I shouldn't shop them online. Ugh.