Thursday, January 12, 2012


Aren't these pieces amazing!?  I randomly found this gallery while shopping with a friend in Salem, Oregon of all places.  The artist, Christopher Marley, travels around the globe collecting the most amazing organic natural objects, then puts them into a museum quality, archival framed box.  The colors of the insects are all completely natural, he does not alter them in any way.  The photos don't capture how beautiful the colors and textures of the insects are in person.  I looked around for such a long time and there was no way I could commit to buying one because I loved them all so very much.  I plan to go back and purchase one very soon because I have never seen anything like it or anything that could even compare.

As you can see on the Pheromone Gallery website, the pieces are not cheap.  Lucky for us in the area, if you go to the gallery in Salem the prices are dramatically reduced and range from $90 and up.  Much more affordable.  After seeing these pieces in person, I can see why people would pay the premium prices for a piece.  Butterflies and insects aren't usually my gig, but these ones are so beautiful.  And...butterflies remind me of my sister Laura, so having one of these showcased on a wall is a dream of mine.  I can't wait to go back and hopefully bring one of these babies home with me. 

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