Thursday, January 19, 2012


 Ribbon Rack

Unique single sheet wrapping paper

12 month card calendar
Each card has a different month and calendar, so cute

Vintage maps

Printing presses

 Printing press reception cards

Last weekend I had the chance to sneak into one of my favorite Pearl District spots - Obilation Papers & Press.  This is THE place to go for unique gift cards, wrapping paper, invitations, calendars, book labels, virtually anything you can think of that surrounds paper.  Whilst this may not be exciting to some people, special and unique products really rock my socks. 

My friend spotted the vintage maps printed as wrapping paper.  She has been wanting to frame some maps to decorate her master, and these were perfect for her.  Images of old Great Britain and France, beautifully printed, and for sale at $4 a pop.  She snatched up a few for framing and I can't wait to see the end product. 

At Obilation I was quickly reminded how cute specialty wrapping paper can be, not just for presents, but also when framed.  Not limited to wrapping paper, even beautiful little cards, wallpaper, or even the calendar cards above, can be the perfect additions to a wall.  Now I just need to get some inspiration to redecorate my master bedroom and find the perfect print for myself.  Some crafty and inspirational ideas below.


  1. I love the maps, and framing them is a perfect idea! You're totally right about framing different things, single sheet wrapping paper makes beautiful art. I have a framed notecard on my wall-nobody would ever know it's a card, and it looks so cute. Often I find that cards are just too pretty not to frame!

  2. Another awesome Portland store that I need to check out. And I love the lime green...go figure!