Friday, January 6, 2012

Shop it! (another Friday post below...2 posts today!)

Click the link above to begin your treasure hunt!

It's Friday!  Ok - I read somewhere that on Friday's, Bauble Bar has a Buried Bauble - a secret item that is somewhere on the site for $10.  You have to click on the item and somewhere in the item description it lets you know that you found the treasure. It also might have something like the photo listed above on it.  So - downside, you are gonna have to dig for it by clicking on every item.  But!  $10 is a smoking deal for their stuff (I believe shipping is free as well).  Also, this deal is only available while supplies last, so hunt for it early.  I have never personally done this treasure hunt, so this will be my first time...but it sounds super fun and will also be a great time waster at work for a Friday morning.

Still have not received my turquoise earrings, but got word that they have shipped.  Should be here soon...I will keep you updated!  Aren't they lovely!?


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  1. Those are some cute earrings at a very affordable price! I've never seen that site before, I'll have to check it out.