Friday, January 6, 2012

It's clutch time!

bee clutch  -  $169

* Picture doesn't translate the bags size well

When considering what to wear for New Years Eve, and making my final selections, I realized I was missing a key piece to finish my outfit...a clutch purse.  I have been looking at the clutch that is at the top of the photos on the Nordstroms website but have been reluctant to purchase for several reasons.  I worry that a clutch will not be big enough to hold all of my essentials (keys, wallet, cell phone, makeup, Altoids, pens, hand sanitizer, hand lotion, hairspray, and glasses -- I don't travel lightly).  I also am only drawn to clutches that have some personality, see above, and fearful I will pick something that will go with nothing.  Thus, I do not own, nor have I purchased a clutch.

I set out this week to try to find a clutch that sparks my interest that would also be neutral.  In my quest I found SO MANY amazing options that now I am too overwhelmed to even narrow it down.  I found SO many cute clutches that now I don't even know how to choose just one.  I think I need two.  One that is neutral and one that is unique and a one of a kind. 

But how do I pick!??

I don't even know how I pared it down to the photos above.  I literally have at LEAST 50 saved to my computer and am forcing myself to just post what I have in an effort to regain some sanity and get out from in front of this laptop.  There are just too many fabulous clutches out there...

oh...and I also came across some, ummm...other items too.

REAL alligator clutch - looks scratchy

And, while this doesn't fit the 'clutch' had to be shared

Came across this while hunting for clutches on Etsy...

Imagine showing up at Nana's house and this is on the davenport!!  Yup that is a REAL needlepoint pillow.  WOWSERS.


  1. The mustard chevron clutch is my favorite. Surprised?

  2. OH my goodness...Love the last pillow!! haha