Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Cute Cutoffs

As I start to ponder what items to pack for my upcoming trip, I just keep imagining myself on the beach, walking through shops, wearing an awesome pair of cutoff shorts.  I haven't ever had a pair of my own.   I always see girls with the most amazing cutoffs but never have found a pair of jeans that would look that awesome cutoff.  I have scoured the racks of Goodwill and other thrift shops.  I recently peeked into my boyfriends old jeans for a candidate.  Mostly turned up some major 9 inch inseams and realized mens jeans are NOT for my body type - instant 90's mom jeans on a female.  Where do these cute cutoffs come from!?  Does anyone out there have any tips for me? 

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  1. Lower rise in a slimer cut about 1-2 sizes too big...then you get that little bit of slouch without the legs looking too big/too tight.. Also, gap makes their cut offs in the size you would actually wear with the slouch already considered. I bet ae does too.

  2. I have given up on shorts completely. I either wear skinny jeans with the bottoms rolled up or skirts because even though I'm a smaller size, finding shorts that don't let my hoo-ha hang out or are so long they're down my to knees is impossible.