Thursday, March 1, 2012

Today I am thankful


As I stare into this closet wondering what to pack for my upcoming venture, I am overcome with a sense of gratitude.  I am very grateful for this life I have.  The over abundance of clothes, makeup, purses, accessories, and the list goes on, remind me of how lucky I really am.  And not just for these material things, but for all the love in my life, experiences, and wonderful people I am gifted with everyday.  But I am no stranger to hardship, and have in the not so distant past put some hard years behind me.  I have fought for what I have and work hard to keep it.  But even still, I know there are others in this world who put in more work than I do, cry more tears, fight harder than I ever have, and yet still don't have the luxuries that I do.  And for this, I look at my life and say thank you to the great beyond.  I feel blessed, and am so thankful for all that I do have.  I know what it is like not to have it, and that in a split second everything can be taken from you.  But for this moment I can feel overcome with joy and appreciation. 

And on a side note...I went to the doctor today, and I have an ear infection in my left ear and a sinus infection.  Now I am on antibiotics and 2 other meds in an effort to get me well enough to enjoy my trip starting in 2 days.  This all started because my 3 year old nephew, while infection with the 'contagion', don't ask me why, put his hand in my mouth while we were playing legos.  I swear little kid germs are 10x  more potent than anything else out there.  Be warned...should you play legos...keep your mouth shut at all costs.

One more good one for ya...

I am waiting in line  a good ten minutes at the Target Pharmacy to fill my Rx (this is the most incompentent pharmacy I have ever seen, mind you one of the pharmasists asked my friend who is mid 20's if she was born in 1946.  Huh!?) and have a gang of 4 teens behind me.  One 17 year old male (I know this because he said his age at least a dozen times) and 3 younger females.  All dressed in black, with safety pins and shaggy hairdos.  Emo.  Talking LOUDLY about their purpose for being in line.  "Plan B, its NOT the abortion pill", "I know" says 17 year old stud muffin...followed by a sobbing "HURRY UP, I feel like I am getting pregnant RIGHT NOW!" girl, who also has a bottle of prenatal vitamins in her hands.  When did teenagers get so weird and akward!?

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  1. Have a great trip, relax, get well and feel better. Love your blog. The woman who wants it all for you.Mom