Wednesday, February 15, 2012

February BirchBox

February BirchBox

EYE ROCK - Designer Liner (Single-use stick-on liner strips)
dermalogica - Daily Microfoliant
Nail File - Hot pink heart
Jouer - Luminizing Moisture Tint in Pearl
beautyblender - the original beautyblender foundation sponge

I really love this months BirchBox.  It doesn't look like much but has a few items I am very excited about!!  I have ALWAYS wanted a beautyblender foundation sponge.  I personally use a foundation brush for myself, but the sponge works better for when I am doing make-up (freelance and for friends) to give a more airbrushed finish.  I bought a few knockoffs at F21 of these that were so-so, not wanting to spend the $25.95/for 2 price on the actual beautyblender, but am super stoked to have one of these.  So much softer with a nicer texture than the F21 ones.  I also LOVE Dermalogica, and am very excited to try this exfoliating wash.  I am BIG on exfoliation.  I don't care what the experts say...I NEED daily exfoliation to prevent my skin from breaking out like I work over a fryer!!  All in all, I am happy with this months selection, and consider yourself redeemed BB!


  1. I got that dermalogica scrub too, can't wait to use it! You and I must have the same skin, if I don't wash y face twice a day, I break out EVERYWHERE!

  2. I really need to get myself one of these boxes!! X

  3. I think I need some lessons on how to use that sponge. :D