Thursday, February 16, 2012

Spa Willamina

K and I got a 75 minute hot-stone couples massage for Valentine's Day at Spa Willamina in Portland, OR.  It was pure bliss.  This was our first couples spa treatment and it was fun being in the same room, relaxing, and knowing that my love was getting the royal treatment.  We loved the therapists, the treatment, the soothing hot stones, and the facility (an old craftsman style house, dimly lit with spa music trickling down the halls).  But what we didn't love, and this was my first experience with this, was the therapist following us into the lobby and double-team sales pitching us to buy $28 Epsom's salt baths and $525 spa packages 'on sale' for re-booking.  It was so assaulting, especially after just arising from a blissful hour+ of massage.  Has anyone else ever had this happen!?  I know that spas are turning more into retail shops with their own designer products, but one would think that the employees would be discouraged from bombarding a client right after a treatment.  There could be a bit more finesse to this. 

Despite the sales pitches, I would still give this spa high marks.  We got a smoking deal on the treatments and we loved the actual work we got there too.   They are also running a fabulous $99 special that includes a 60 minute massage or facial + a separate 30 minute foot massage and soak treatment using essential oils, warm milk and a sugar scrub ultimately creating softer, more radiant skin.  AND...Each client will also receive a complimentary 4 ounce jar of Spa Willamina Signature Bath SoakThis is an awesome deal.

 Now, only 2 more weeks until girls day at the DragonTree spa where we have several treatments booked for 2 & 1/2 hours of relaxing massages, foot baths, scrubs, and hot oil scalp massages!!  eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!  Exciting stuff!!

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  1. Sounds like a lovely Valentine's day!!
    Fortunately I never had that bad experience of people trying to sell me things right after my treatment is over! Once they tried to book me for more treatments when I booked the treatment, but in the end they were always very nice!

  2. While I understand that businesses want to make money, I hate when people try to upsell things to me. When I worked at Starbucks, we were supposed to upsell pastries in the drive-thru for every single customer. I never did it, because I know that the last thing I would want at 5 am is some girl trying to sell me a muffin. And I agree, after such a relaxing experience, it would be jarring to have to deal with that.

    I also had a question for you! The day you posted the winners of your giveaway, you said to check our e-mails and I haven't received one yet. I just wasn't sure if you had sent them out yet :)

    1. Laura - Thank you for letting me know. I just reviewed the order and I put .net instead of .com after your e-mail, so that explains it :) Sorry to make you wait/wonder. I called Sephora and got it fixed this morning. They said it takes about 24 hours but they will get it resent to the correct email. Please let me know if you don't get this new one, but hopefully it will get there soon and you can get something fun for yourself!!


      Lisa Marie

  3. I LOVE the pics Lisa! Looks very quaint and pretty. So happy you guys had a great time and that you got to experience it together!! :)