Monday, February 20, 2012

Flower Power

Reading through the March edition of Allure magazine I saw a feature where 6 different girls styled these H&M floral pants ($14.95!!).  Every single girl looked super cute and stylish, regardless of body type, just like all the ladies in the photos above.   Reading this article made me want to  immediately run out and snatch up a pair for myself...then I looked at the clock...FOILED, the mall was closed!!

I love these pants!! They are so bold and yet so versatile - work, out on the town, brunch, etc.  The key to wearing a pant like this successfully, or any other bold pattern, is to pair it with neutral pieces.   Although the styling in picture 1, floral on floral, is pulled off well in the photo, this is not everyday wear for the rest of us.  I can only imagine the taunting and 'what the hell' looks I would get in the office if I strutted in with a floral on floral get-up.  Also important, be sure to rock these with a heel or bootie...not a flip flop or a sneaker.

Now it is just a matter of time before I make these mine...H&M Washington Square, please, please, please have these in stock in my size tomorrow!!!

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  1. You would ROCK these! Super cute. I hope you find some!