Friday, February 17, 2012

This week.

Our Valentine's Day cupcake.  Don't let your eyes fool you.  That is not a tiny plate...that is a HUGE cupcake.  It was delish.

Me at the age of 2.  I was always into roses.

Quite a few rainy days this week.  To be expected in Portland, Oregon.  Even though I grew up with the rain, sometimes it can really get to you.  Constant drizzle, dark grey skies, it is times like these that I really start to ponder moving south.

Let's talk NY Fashion Week.  Saw a lot of bright colors, as to be expected.  There was a lot of royal blue and a lot of orange...but what I loved was the blue and orange color combinations.  Super fun colors that compliment each other.  Definitely on the must try list for spring.

Did you know these existed?  Neither did I!  Special edition, limited release Oreos that REALLY taste like birthday cake.  These were released to celebrate the 100th birthday of Oreo's.  Did you also know that it takes less that 5 minutes to eat 6 of these, which also equals one whole row?  Whoops.  Don't judge!  :)

I have a hair appointment tomorrow.  Giving this gal one more shot (4th visit with her) to get me closer to my hair goal (see above).  I don't actually want it to be solid platinum, but I love this look.  After being dark for a few years it has been quite the process getting my hair closer to it's natural (dirty) blonde.  I have spent well over $600 at this point and am still far from where I want to be.  Let's hope that my honest and direct talk with this stylist gets me closer, otherwise it is back to the drawing board.

Have a happy Friday and a beautiful weekend!!

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  1. Love that big-haired angel baby :) I love orange and that ronin's-egg blue! Remember the skirt on the Toy story 3 ice skater inwas freaking about?! Exact color combo; it's divine!

  2. There's a dinosaur on the dinosaur train that is those colors ;)

  3. I love all the bright colors they showed on the runways, mostly because I hate all the gray/brown/black that I see all winter long.

    I hope your hair appointment goes well! :)

  4. I need to find some royal blue to go with my bright orange stuff!! Good luck with your hair today. :)

  5. I adore all the orange you included :) Lovely post...

    XX Kathryn

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