Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Little bit country

Love the look of the rugged ladder with the Pendleton Wool Blanket hung - Lucky for my sister, she has this exact blanket.

The throw on the end of the bed is the perfect pop of rustic charm for this lovely room

Quite simply done

Pendleton Wool blankets are hung over the chair backs and sofa arm to make this country chic room cozy

Pendleton Wool covered dining room chairs - perfect contrast to the shabby table

A collector's display

A touch of Pendleton wool throughout

This is my blanket.  Isn't it gorgeous!!?

Something I am becoming more and more obsessed with lately is my Pendleton Wool blanket.  I love the way it looks against my french country decor.   Something else I love about this blanket, it represents home and comfort.  I was raised not far from Pendleton, Oregon and the woolen mill.  My mother makes a daily commute into Pendleton to work, and on a cold winter day early in my youth she made the decision to purchase a large woolen blanket from the Pendleton Mill for both my sister and I.   She gave these blankets to us with the terms that we keep warm with them but keep them forever and to always take very good care of them.   And we have.  Mine is cherished alongside two quilts made by women in my family many generations ago. 

As in true Oregonian style, these items are often a legacy passed down from generation to generation.  Most families have at least one of they blankets around the house.   Some homes I have seen decorated floor to ceiling in these rustic vibrant prints.   And while I don't fully stick with true Oregon and western flare for my home, I feel there is always room for a little bit of country in every room.  I proudly use and display my blankets and quilts to the envy of my close friends.  As seen in the above photos, even the most elegant rooms benefit from a Pendleton blanket in the midst of the decor.

For those of you still close to home, the mill does have sales and much more reasonable prices than retail stores.   Those of us in the Portland area, we have our very own Pendleton store in the Pearl District that has every imaginable good made from this special wool.   And for the ultimate score, always look for these blankets when thrifting.  This is an amazing way to find prints that are no longer in production, or the possiblity of finding an antique quilt which can be worth their weight in gold.

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  1. Love this post! I've been wanting to get a Pendleton blanket for awhile. I'm definitely going to keep my eye out when I go thrifting!

  2. hmm these ideas are great! thanks :D

  3. I have 5!!! I've only ever found one decent wool blanket thrifting and I had to redo the binding. But estate sales and such will have stuff like this...just make sure you give it a good whiff Because it's hard to get old smells me.

  4. love the ladder idea!