Thursday, February 2, 2012

Man-lentine's Day

What was once my million dollar idea, appears to be something quite a few ladies have also thought of.  What do you get a man who has everything?  What do you give your man that is so very Valentine's day?  A Man-lentine or a man-quet!!  

Finding something that is very 'valentiney' for the 14th is hard to do when you are shopping for a typical American male.  Most of our guys are simple creatures, couldn't want for much, and most definitely wouldn't be into getting a stuffed bear.  A few years ago I was thinking about what to do for K and I thought about getting a bunch of the things that he loves and turning it into a little bouquet of goodies.  Things like lottery tickets, little soda bottles, his favorite candies, gum, snacks, gift cards for movies or taco bell, cigars...your know MANLY stuff.  I know it is cheesy and kitschy, but I think that is kind of the essence of Valentine's day.  Everything sold in stores and the idea around the whole day is derived from an idea that you just can't take too seriously.

I never did complete my project but as you can see above, a lot of other ladies have.  I think it could turn out totally cute and what guy wouldn't want a personalized bouquet just for him?  Totally perfect!

Instead of making a bouquet of things that are mini that year, I went in totally the opposite direction, and got him HUGE things he loves.  Which is also pretty fun to give, he LOVED it.

I gave him a HUGE Rice Krispies Treat + a Coors Light mini keg + made a candy bar Valentine's card.  It was super cute, lovey, but still manly enough he could accept getting it ;)

7-11 of all places carries these

Coors Light Mini Keg

*Not the actual card I made but VERY similar


  1. Sadly Matt would probably think a Jack Link manquet is about the best gift I could ever get him. He loves his jerky!

  2. OMG my husband would dive into that beef jerky bouquet head first!

  3. Can you guess which one I like? LOTTO TIX!!

  4. explain steps to make lottery basket???