Friday, February 3, 2012

Super Bowl Sunday

The snackadium looks tempting this year!!   If I had the chance to snack on one of these things I am sure I would have a stomach ache by half-time.  But!  Anyone who knows me knows how I spend Super Bowl the mall!!  Shopping is my cardio, and I guess 'game' after all.  I love to head to the mall while the rest of the country huddles up to watch the big game.   The mall is empty and mine to devour.  No teenagers running around and throwing sodas at each other in front of Spencer gifts, no old ladies sleeping on the benches, no lines in the restrooms listening to other people make bodily functions that sound painful.  It is GLORIOUS!!  It is also pretty fun to see the guys that are actually being drug along on shopping adventures - you have never seen such a sad face on a guy, it looks as if they are shopping for euthanasia.  So the MALL WE GO!!

Here is what I am planning to head out to get a peek at this Sunday...
These are a new style and I believe are on wait list only

New tropical scented candles at Bath & Body Works

I love, love, love the Orgasm and Laguna blush/bronzer duo

Monticeto Sheet set to spruce up the master bedroom?

Textured knit sweaters for those winter/spring days

Have a WONDERFUL weekend and Super Bowl Sunday - whether you celebrate watching the game, or at the mall like me!!  And don't forget about the Sephora Lip Collection giveaway - you can still earn lots of entries :)


  1. That snack stadium is such a cute idea! If the Packers were playing, I would be having a party and would be making a snack stadium!

    I think that bag is PERFECT for a cruise! Colorful and fun without looking out of place. :)

  2. Yes on the bag!!! Also marshals got some great kenneth Cole retro suits on recently...

  3. I'm a little late posting on this but...i love the sheets AND the bag! I'm loving the slightly neon slash southwest stuff.