Monday, February 6, 2012

Spa Junkie

I am a self confessed spa junkie.  I love a spa treatment, massage, day at the spa more than most things in this world.  But spa time doesn't come cheap and a massage can run you upwards of $100+.  I certainly don't have endless funds to spend on these luxuries so I have had to figure out ways to stretch my spa dollars.  Here are my tips to help you readers get yourselves some much needed spa time without spending a ton of money. 

1. Yelp - Go to yelp and research the highest rated spas in your area.  Then watch the spas websites for monthly specials and packages.  Most spas change their specials every month and run packages that are deeply discounted.

2. Facebook - Like your local spas on facebook.  Most spas run a daily deal - they look at their books and seek to fill the gaps by advertising last minute specials.  These last minute specials are usually at a great discount than the service would normally cost. 

3. Twitter - Spas also advertise last minute specials via twitter.  

4. Spa Finder - Purchase $100 of spa finder credit for only $80 at costco. These gift certificates work just like cash at any spa finder spa. There are so many local spas and spas all over the country (think vacation) that accept these. 

Use these gift certificates on already promoted monthly specials to double your discounts.  For example - I purchased $300 of spa finder for $240 at Costco, then booked myself an entire spa day at Qua spa - 3 total services that were also listed as monthly specials, about 3.5 hours, with TIP for only $240.  That was a SMOKIN' deal.


These ones are for you Portlanders

Spa Willamina (5 stars on Yelp) is having a special 'love is in the air' special.  You can buy a gift certificate for only $45 which will purchase a 75 min massage or 75 min facial (there are 2 other options as well).  Go to their website home page, click purchase gift certificates, then under choose an amount or service, select services to see which ones are for sale. 

I purchased a massage for myself and one for my honey to have some couples spa time - just in time for Valentine's Day.

If you like Spa Willamina on Facebook -

If you like Dragontree Holistic Day Spa (a SpaFinder spa) on Facebook - this was their special they ran today, just to see what they are sending out -

Our Last Minute Special for Sunday, February 5th:
45 minute Swedish Massage for $55
60 minute Custom Facial for $75

Just some ideas to get you girls thinking about pampering yourselves.  Great idea for something to ask for from your sweetie for Valentine's Day too.  :)  If you ever have any questions about spa's or spa services (I have had most) just email me and I will be more than happy to help you find the best deal and a service that matches what you are looking for.


  1. Not sure about Portland, but in Milwaukee I use Groupon a lot and they always have spa deals on there! Just something else to keep an eye out for!

  2. Must book Dragon Tree spa day immediately!

  3. Never let your sister talk you into sharing a valentine's massage for two. She will stick you with the over eager male masseuse with something to prove ;) memories...