Friday, March 2, 2012

Bon Voyage!

...and I'm off to see new places, explore, relax,  try local foods, dive into open blue waters, gain 10 pounds of vacation weight from overindulging, drink cocktails with my toes in the sand, laugh, walk the pool deck in my swimsuit with NO SHAME, sleep in, read, and to have this 10 day journey with my love.  I will miss you all!!  I will come back armed with great photos, stories, recommendations, and souvenirs.  Hopefully, if I get a chance I will blog some live action, real time updates.  BUT! I'm not going to stress about it.  There may be a chance you won't hear from me for a while.  Time to defrag. 

Is today the day YOU plan your vacation?  We planned this 9 months ago... giving ourselves something to look forward to, and the time is here.  Everyone deserves this.   GO FOR IT!!


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  1. Have a wonderful trip Lisa! Have fun and be safe!!!!! :)

  2. Have fun! We will be so lonesome without you. :(

  3. Oooh you are so lucky! I hope you have a fabulous, wonderful time! Enjoy :)