Friday, April 20, 2012

Etsy prints - take 2.

Remember when I posted this cute Alice in Wonderland eye chart?  I ordered it from Etsy last December and was so excited to hang it in my bedroom.    This Etsy store I ordered from had such cute stuff.  I posted so many cute prints on the blog and a few of my readers also made orders.  But something totally crazy happened...and...Well...sadly, we never got them. 

I am so pissed about this.  Just thinking about this situation makes me want to punch my laptop.  The woman who ran this shop, claims she was so overwhelmed with orders around Christmas that she was delayed in shipping these items.  She then emailed about some shipping mix-up and said the items would be resent.  Then, Poof, she was gone.  She took off with THOUSANDS of dollars she made from bogus items she posted in her Etsy shop.  She never filled the orders and just simply slipped away with all of our hard earned money.  I filed a complaint with Etsy, they did nothing, and neither did Paypal as my 45 day window had passed (due to me allowing this seller ample time to get items shipped, then reshipped, per her fake emails).   Who does this!?  I hope this lady gets paper cuts in her eyeballs while counting all of the money she stole from all of the people who made purchases.  Before Etsy took her shop down you should have read the scathing comments.  This woman has A LOT of bad juju and karma headed her direction. 

So now I have a super cute 8 x 10 frame that is empty and waiting to be hung.  And I decided that I am going to take another chance.  I found a very similar shop on Etsy - but NOT being ran the same as the other, with over 1000 orders and 100% feedback!!  I ordered these little cuties...and keeping my fingers crossed that I will ACTUALLY get to have these soon! :)

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  1. It's disheartening to know that there are people out there on websites like Etsy who take advantage of people who are looking to support those sellers that are serious about their shops. That pisses me off too. As someone who has bought a lot of things on Etsy, this makes me want to take a second look at the shops I buy from.

    I do like the other prints you ordered, though! Take a picture once you hang them :)

  2. I love the ones you picked out! So cute. I already ordered a handful of them and I hope they actually come through this time. I have an empty space on my wall that is dying for peacocks on old dictionary paper artwork! :)

    Also, I found another shop similar to the Rekindled one that a co-worker bought some funny ones from (like the "Say Anything Bear").

  3. Some people are legit, even w complications. I ordered two shirts on etsy and they just kept not coming and she kept saying they were coming (shehad been in the hospital etc.) and on day 44, four shirts showed up on my doorstep; the two I'd ordered and two extras she'd picked out for me to say "I'm sorry." As of day 45, I'm filing a complaint though, even if you're my grAndma ;)

    1. Lisa,

      Deidra here from The Rekindled Page! I did a search on The Rekindled Page and found your blog! Awesome!!! :)

      I hope you loved your prints from me and I appreciate you putting your faith in me after such a horrid experience! Maybe we could do a give-a-way! Email me on Etsy!!

      Thanks again!