Monday, April 16, 2012


Maybe only blondes will understand this, but I have been SEARCHING for the right product to quench my frazzled, over processed, and stressed locks.  I have found something that has been able to do something for me that NO product has been able to do in the past.  It's a 10 Miracle hair mask is what is says...a MIRACLE.  It's a goddamn miracle!!  I have this patch of hair, on my left side, around my ear/side burn area that is so out of control.  It is breaking off, frizzy, and gross.  Nothing I have put on it has been able to help it's sadness.  I have tried Ojon Damage Reverse, Paul Mitchell awapuhi wild ginger Keratin cream rinse, Enjoy hair mask, Redken anti-snap, Redken extreme, Moroccan oil, Macadamia oil, the list goes on... But, finally, after all my searching I found it's a 10 MIRACLE hair mask and it is seriously hardcore amazing stuff.  After using it just once, leaving it on around 8 mins in the shower, my hair (after straightening) came out SO manageable and soft.  The disgusting frazzled patch, it's tamed, and actually feels soft!!! 

I am so ecstatic I could cry.  Well almost.  Seriously I love this stuff so much and am super stoked at the idea that I could have normal hair after all this madness.

Now I wouldn't recommend this product to people with normal or fine hair.  This stuff is for the dry, coarse, over processed population only.  But for those of us that need something to bring life back to our dead strands...this is it.  Only downfall, it doesn't come cheap.  This small-ish pot of cream comes in around $30.


  1. What if you have fine hair that has some friz and breakage?? :)

    1. The enjoy hairmask would be good for you! I do still really love it. OR, what about the blonde glam hair mask?

    2. Is that different than just the deep conditioner (or whatever that is)? I have the one that i can leave in for 5 minutes between shampoo and conditioning steps. :)