Tuesday, April 17, 2012

I'm off the wagon.

 Sorry for the fuzzy photo.  Picked this sweater up on clearance at Old Navy - $8

Also an Old Navy clearance purchase - neon yellow cap toed flats - $12

Target dress - $24.95

Gap champagne sequins tote - $49.95

I have not been shopping recently due to a wonderful revelation.  While on vacation, living out of one suitcase for 10 days I realized something.  I am happy living a simple life.  In fact, simplicity brings a very serene feeling about yourself.  I have SO much to be grateful for, and so many things, such an abundance of 'stuff', that I don't need to keep getting more.  I should be satisfied with what I have, and what I have is beyond plenty.  I would rather save my $ for trips and memories, and not spend it every weekend on the latest color of skinny jeans and matching accessories.  This being said, I haven't really had that urge to shop, and I have managed to save some money.  Over the past month I have realized just how much I have pilfered away at the mall and Starbucks, so depressing.

But...this weekend I got the itch, and I did go out, and it was EXPENSIVE.  Saturday was nails and spa pedicure + full hair color and cut.  Plus, I left the salon with about $50 of product.  Ouch.  Sunday came, and my sis and the kids came out my way, so we headed to the mall....and....I couldn't help myself.  I picked up a couple of light weight spring sweaters, a pair of flats, a couple of T's and a cute shirt for K, with a coupon, all for around $30 at Old Navy.  I hit the Gap with my sister and we found the most amazing sequins tote and clutch.  I bought the tote for myself and surprised my sis with the clutch.  She deserves it.  Being a mom she would NEVER buy something glamorous for herself, so I got it for her! :)  After the mall, went to Target and found this hippie chic satin dress with the cutest pink stripe.  Will be a fun rotation for spring.  I also got a few other items but got too lazy to take photos.  I guess I m off the wagon, but planning to jump right back on.  And now I have a few cute things to save for Vegas which is coming in about 3 weeks. 

Happy Tuesday my loves!!

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