Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Make-up counter

So I had a reality check last week.  While shopping at M.A.C. on our lunch break, with my favorite co-workers/friends, we were discussing make-up and what we have/like, and I realized I might be at least 5x more high maintenance than these girls.  As you can see in the photo above, this is what it takes to just get me ready in the morning.  Confession time.  So....this is my 'everday' make-up selection.  This is what I keep out on the counter to get ready every morning...this isn't all of it.  I have BOXES of make-up stashed away.  While, OBVIOUSLY, I don't use everything in these bins, mentally I need it available to me for my daily make-up application.  Yes, I NEED 5 different primers, and 16 different blush colors.  Why?  Because I am an artist, and putting on make-up is fun, and I view it as an expression.  And without it...I couldn't transform myself from swamp monster to lady who lunches.  Because under all that sparkle and glitz, there is a WHOLE different animal...and it's not good.   I am not exaggerating.  Without all these tools and camouflage, underneath there is a 55 year old walmart shopper that looks sleep deprived, angry, and ready to smoke her next menthol, after she lights a match on her stubble.


  1. Oh My... I'm nowhere near this! All of my make-up fits inside a single drawer, a not a very big one, but then I don't wear make-up everyday and I usually keep it simple. I've been meaning to use more make-up but the good products are so expensive that I usually end up just looking at them!


  2. Don't forget; you are always hooking up your sister (and niece ;)