Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Weekend obsessions.

I am obsessed with these Target heart shaped sunglasses I scored this weekend for $10. 

Another major Target score, 2 tubes of baby lips, one 'pink punch' (as seen above) and the other clear, on clearance for $2.58.  The pink one goes on a literal baby pink and is so awesome.  They have a few other colors that look equally gorgeous too!  These have a sheer color to them, and for under $3 are a major steal.  Go get one ladies.  The pink is definetly going into the make-up rotation and the clear, mosturizing one went to K, to keep those manly lips kissable!

Love, Love, LOVING these vintage t's from Old Navy.  I loved the heathered feel, they have such a great fit, and were on sale for $7.50 this weekend.  I picked this grey one up, a white, and a coral/red.   Perfect spring time basics to add to the wardrobe.

Why can't these be made in a women's size?   I am so in love with these sandals, but they are only made in little girls sizes.  This is  a time where having a midge foot, like my sisters size 5-6, would come in really handy.  I saw a girl rocking these on the cruise and have been aching for a pair of my own ever since.  Ugh.

So, yes, I did do some shopping this weekend.  BUT! I kept it to a minimum, only buying a few items and mostly just helping my bestie, and some other random people, pick things out for themselves.  I think I kept it under $40, which is pretty darn good in my book!  I am still working on becoming a reformed shopaholic, but I can slip off the wagon every now and then. :)

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