Thursday, May 31, 2012

Adventures in Denver...

 TAG Continental Social Food

 Lemon, Vodka, & Vanilla Bean simple syrup cocktail

 Kobe beef sliders and duck fat fries

Banana cream pie

I am going to drop a big excuse on this blog.  Haven't really been updating, as you have probably noticed, because I have been out adventuring around the country again.  Had a mini-break in Las Vegas.  Also have had some business travel.  During my adventures I made my way to the mile high city (for business) and had the pleasure of discovering Denver.  Almost immediately after touching down, my coworker (and friend) headed downtown to see what Denver is about.  We were pretty popular with the men folk, which was pretty hilarious.  Also noticed a large amount of inebriation.  And TONS and TONS of fun restaurants and bars.  We walked around 16th street for a long time and finally settled on TAG continental social food, on 14th.  I think the photos speak for themselves.   The food was fantastic, the drinks were well made, and the scene was fun.  My favorite part?  They have different sushi rolls made with Cheetos and pop rocks.  Awesome!  And all of their food is in shareable, small sizes, which ultimately results in a wide variety of dishes crossing over the tabletop.  We loved it.  Wish I could go back!! 

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