Friday, June 1, 2012

Adventures in Denver...Take II

Something I love to do when preparing to travel, is to watch the discount sites (groupon, livingsocial, amazon local deals, travelzoo, etc) for fun activities to do while in a new city.  I just so happen to find an amazing deal for my trip to Denver.  For $29 my friend and I got 2 desserts and 4 handcrafted cocktails at a highly rated downtown establishment named Crave.  Crave is a dessert bar...which the name says it all...desserts & bar.   The downtown scene in Denver very much resembles our 'pearl district' here in Portland, OR.  Crave is nestled in the downtown area, surrounded by lots of happening spots. 

For our drinks we opted for the 'Sunset at the Spire' - Lamberti prosecco, lavender, lillet blanc, with a blackberry ice cube.  It was DEVINE.  For dessert we ordered the banana bread pudding with caramel rum sauce & passion fruit souffle.  Both were amazing.  We lingered over dessert and drinks, enjoying the outdoor patio, which is rare for us Portlanders.  We got the FULL value out of that $29 voucher!!

One side effect of all the drinks and mile high barometric pressure...swollen ankles and feeling hungover, without the buzz.  I woke up on my last day there feeling run down and awful.   I guess I am not cut out for that kind of altitude. 

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