Monday, November 21, 2011

'Korean Style'

I have been searching the keywords 'Korean Style' on eBay for years, to fill the void of my longing to return to Korea for another shopping whirlwind.  From the short time I spent in Korea, I came away with the memory of the fashionable girls, gracious people, kimchee, and the shopping....the amazing shopping.  There were endless amounts of boutiques, malls, and stalls lining the streets, all offering a huge variety of fashionable items.  I shopped morning to night, in a haze, and never saw it all. 

And until I can return to the streets of Seoul...I turn to eBay to search for a glimpse of the streets of Korea.  In my searches, the items that come up are often on trend, or  living on the edge of trend, and much different than those in the stores here in the states. I find that my purchases get a lot of compliments and a 'where did you get that?'.  I wear them knowing that the likelihood I will see someone else dressed like me is slim, and that makes me smile.

I recommend you head to eBay and do your own 'Korean Style' search and you can thank me later!

I just purchased the above sweatshirt on eBay and can't wait until it arrives on my doorstep.  I love how it is over sized, has a large hood, with double zipper, and fleece lining. It looks so warm and cozy.  The reviews for this item were all really good, so I took the plunge.  Now I wait 17-25 days for it to ship from Asia. 

Here are some other items that piqued my interest.

Wooden heel booties.

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  1. Oh my gosh...I want that grey sweatshirt!! And the scoodie? How adorable. Awesome finds. I'm gonna go search Korean Style and see what goodies I can find!