Thursday, December 15, 2011

Juicy Couture - Re Dux

Bangle Bracelet - Upper Left
Heart Hoops - Lower Right

 Left Earring

Right Earring

This is my once was Juicy Couture, but is now my own creation, jewelry.  The bangle bracelet is pretty simple.  Originally it came with a cute 3D heart charm on it.  Which I have obviously lost, so I replaced it with 2 Juicy Couture key charms.  I love to layer it with other bangles and get TONS of compliments on it.  So many so, that I decided to put it on the blog!

The earrings are a little bit more interesting.  I once had the most amazing Juicy Couture hoop earrings that had 5 little charms hanging on each one.  I loved them!  Pan over to one drunken evening about 7 years ago where I had the brilliant idea to hang my head out of my friends car window, while going down the freeway at 60+ MPH and most undoubtedly shouting 'WHOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO'.   In the midst of it all, one earring flew off, and was never to be seen again.  I was left with one hoop with 5 charms on it, and thus became the Juicy Couture Re Dux Earrings. 

I already had this pair of thin gold heart shaped earrings from Forever 21.  In a fleeting moment, I decided to put the Juicy charms on them, and also decided to add other little charms that I had on hand.  Mostly the other charms come from old necklaces that have broken, or from beads/baubles from broken accessories.  Over the years I have lost and gained quite a few charms.  I probably have about 20 charms in the rotation.  My most favorite have to be the moonstone, the Eiffel Tower, and the keys.  I just add and take away charms to suit my mood.  They are my oldest, and most prized earrings. They may not look like much in the photos but they are big, unique, and sparkly.   There are so many people who ask me where I got them I couldn't even count them.  They get a lot of attention, and today, they get some blog love too! 

From here on out, should any of your jewelry come into disrepair or you even find a little charm in your travels, save them and put them on a pair of hoops.  Charm earrings - they are the new charm bracelet!  :)  What I love most about this, NO ONE will have a pair alike. 

I am also going to start looking for thin bangle bracelets to start making my own bangles with charms.  I will keep you posted!! 

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