Friday, December 16, 2011

Shop It.

Pinterest introduced me to a fun accessories website today called BaubleBar.   Their stuff is so gorgeous.  I have really been looking for a few new statement pieces like these. Because this is a new site to me, I can't speak for quality, but if you go look around on the website you can see that virtually EVERY fashion/celebrity magazine has featured their products, and that has to say something in itself.   When you sign up (for a limited time only) you get a $10 credit towards your first purchase - but it only lasts for 72 hours, and the shipping is free.  Check out these stunners they have on their website...I smell a last minute present for myself!  :)

Aren't these gorgeous?!  Currently they are on a waiting list but they are totally worth the wait!  I need these in my life.

I love opal/moonstone with its milky iridescence.

Tortoise Shell is hot right now and only going to be getting hotter.  Love this.

Brushed gold - Love this look

Isn't this stuff great!?  Most of the BaubleBar items are statement pieces but are also very wearable.  This is the type of jewelry that can really ramp up your look.  Just looking at these little beauties makes me think about how great they would be to debut on New Years Eve.  Which reminds me...I need to start nailing down a cute outfit with some sparkles. 

I just edited my original post.  When I read through it this morning it just sounded like a commercial.  I certainly am not sponsored by BaubleBar or have any kind of a relationship with them, but just love to share fun websites and products!  I love to shop and love to help people style :)   
Have a fabulous Friday and a great weekend!!


  1. I love that opal bracelet!

  2. Love the Pollock Cuff!!!

  3. I obviously need to be spending more time on Pinterest. I love all of them!