Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Leopard Toms

The leopard Toms are here!  Of course I love the vibrant leopard spots.  They have a plush fleece lining and are super comfortable.  This is my 3rd pair of TOMS.  I generally wear a size 9 shoe and the 9's fit me perfectly.  The way TOMS are supposed to fit is like a sock.  Snug, not TOO tight, but tight enough they won't slip off.  I also don't wear socks with mine but know a few girls that do.

I love the idea behind TOMS.  The One for One campaign.  When you buy a pair of shoes, a child in need also gets a pair.  Please, please, please let this mean that out there in this big world there is a cute little princess who just got herself a little tiny matching leopard pair of TOMS. 

K just told me that there is a TOMS copycat company named BOBS.  Hey, I guess I am all for it if they also do the One for One campaign.   But they do look eerily just like TOMS.  Do I smell a copyright lawsuit in the wings?


  1. I love them, they look awesome. Are they as comfortable as everyone says?

  2. Jackie -

    They are super comfortable! I keep telling people that once you get one pair, you can't stop! They would be perfect for all the walking you do in NY ;)

    Lisa Marie

  3. I don't know if I could wear a shoe called BOBS...

  4. Leopard Toms! I need to find a pair.

    x. jill
    those ghosts