Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Shop it. F21.

I ordered this in turquoise and coral.

Hot Pink Blazer - F21 $24.80
I REALLY need one of these in my life


I've already ordered the poncho top, the cameo, and the pyramid bracelet.  I just couldn't resist...even despite my attempts at trying to be more frugal and not purchasing everything that flutters my heart.  My excuse for allowing myself to purchase these items (and a few more) was that I will want to have some new clothes for my Caribbean/Mexico cruise that is coming up very soon...2 months exactly from today :)  I can't wait to get my new items, which have already shipped. 


  1. Need that bow cuff! Great post

  2. That color block dress is amazing!

  3. that looks like a great bag for traveling. you can stuff so much in there!

    Thank-you for stopping by my blog!