Thursday, January 5, 2012


I ran across this little bee plate at anthro a few days ago on my lunch break.  I considered buying it as part of a collection for my dreamed up 'plate wall'.  I have long considered hanging plates as decoration in the kitchen/dining room, and have a little collection going, but don't really have the wall space in my current house for it.  So do I buy the bee plate and hold onto it for the day I actually do hang them up...or will my 'plate wall' just disappear into my crazy mind like many other decor aspirations of past? 

Plate Hanging Inspiration

my plate collection

(this is a FRACTION of the plate collection I have amassed, these are just what I could dig out quick enough to snap pictures of before my feet got too cold and I had to run back upstairs to the comfort of my duvet)

blue and black transferware

brown Spode

vintage piece I picked up at a yard sale - $3

I have 2 sets of these (4 plates for each set) in green and robins egg blue

The stack of bee plates that reignited my inspiration for hanging plates


  1. I love the set-up of the first collection of plate. Very different and nothing I would have ever thought of on my own.

  2. ooh i just love this idea!!

  3. I say do it! The bee plate and the wall. I hope you bought them! The different wall plate configurations are inspiring.