Thursday, April 26, 2012

Back to basics.

 I recently read a very interesting article about Dr. Bonner on his  holistic and organic approach to making soap.  He is a VERY interesting character - I recommend even just looking him up on wikipedia and also researching this amazing company, now run by his grandsons.   Reading this article made me remember seeing this soap everywhere in Eugene, OR...the hippie-esque town where I lived for 4 years while attending university.  I would stop and read the crazy labels and think to myself, what the heck is this stuff?  

 The thing about this soap is that it is SO natural, that all of the ingredients are food grade, meaning you could literally EAT this soap and it wouldn't harm you.  Which got me thinking...maybe instead of washing my skin with chemicals and terrorizing it, perhaps I should approach washing my sensitive skin with just the basics.  So I started using this soap on my face, in the peppermint version (there are several types) with a natural loofah about 2 months ago. is clearing a major way.  Very little breakouts, AND the scarring and marks left from years of inflamed pores, well...they are slowly fading away too.

While I understand my skin is fickle, after a few months of using something new, it goes right back to its old self, I am hoping that I have stumbled across the very miracle product I have been looking for all this time.  Spending HUNDREDS of dollars at department stores, attempting to find my saving grace, when this soap has been lingering on supermarket shelves, at a whopping $1 per oz.  I bought a 2 oz bottle for $2 over 2 months ago - and still have about another weeks worth of use left.  Still going strong, and still staying clear.

For those of you interested in trying it out, Fred Meyer aka Kroger sells little 2 oz bottles in their natural food/beauty department in peppermint and lavender.


  1. My skin is so clear after using Dr.Bronner's! I am a believer in the Moral ABC! Hahaha.