Wednesday, April 18, 2012

High Tea.

Irish breakfast & Scones with clotted cream

I consider myself lucky to work with some pretty sassy, articulate, caring, unique, and amazing girls.  One thing I DO look forward to in my day is spending our lunch breaks out of the office.  We shop, eat, talk, gossip, laugh, and enjoy our few minutes of fulfillment we get out of the day.  The other day, my co-worker Jillian suggested we go have lunch at a tea shop.  We went to the Lady Di British Store & Tea Room in Lake Oswego, OR and it was SOOOOOO fun.  We were instantly transported to a quiet dining room where we chatted over tea and ate a spectacular lunch.  It was such a diversion from the norm that I even watched my usual potty mouth and didn't let any curse words fly across my lips.  Kept my elbows off the table and sat up straight, like a proper lady! :)  We ate the ploughers lunch which consisted of baguette, tomatoes, several delicious cheeses, fruit, and a sausage roll with Branston pickle.   I want to eat that lunch everyday now.  It was so, so good!!  Flaky crust around delicious sausage, with tangy vinegary Branston pickle...this was a first for me, but certainly not the last.   

Need a break during your day...go for tea!  It was so fun, and so anti-lunch break.  I can't wait until we go again!!


  1. You can curse at tea, but you have to say "bloody" and "wanker" etc.

  2. It was so much fun and a much needed break! Next time lets try Lavender Tea House. I enjoy your company very much too!